Won Wheel: Segway’s One S2 Electric Unicycle



Have you ever tried to ride a unicycle? These quirky vehicles aren’t only the pervue of circus performers – troupes of Japanese schoolgirls occasionally employ them in cleverly choreographed musical numbers so how hard can it be, really? The One S2 takes things to another level, however, due to the rider’s upright position and the lack of both a seat and the familiar pedaling motion. The company itself isn’t shy in stating the One S2 “isn’t for the fainthearted… riding takes balance.” Testing and trials have revealed that riders “with a nimble skill set, combined with a fearless mindset,” can master the One S2 in about an hour. “It may take other riders longer to become proficient,” explains Brian Buccella, Segway’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, but the rewards are well worth it.



Riders can maximize their unicycling experience by downloading the Ninebot app. Required with every purchase, the app includes an essential tutorial to assist newcomers in reinventing the wheel, so to speak. The app also provides valuable functions including speed & performance monitoring, enabling carry or lock modes, engaging a speed limit mode to enhance riders’ security and safety, and the ability to customize lighting and graphics, just to name a few. It’s good to know advances in electric vehicle technology have trickled down to more personal – and more affordable venues, Look for a One S2 – or more than one – in your neighborhood sooner than later. (via WENN)