Won Wheel: Segway’s One S2 Electric Unicycle

The new Segway One S2 Electric Unicycle is smaller, lighter, faster and waaay cooler than Segway’s original two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle.



Segway, known mainly for its eponymous two-wheeled electric personal transportation vehicles, is going the “less is more” route with the innovative “One S2” electric unicycle. While it’s not intended to replace the iconic, beloved by hipsters (and certain urban security forces) Segway PT, the One S2 follows the same edgy, “out there” design philosophy that has made its pioneering forbear the poster child for post-modern personal transportation.




The One S2 is meant to complement the PT, not replace it, and it can be considered to be the true evolutionary descendant of the classic pedaled unicycle. Imagine if the stone wheel-riding caveman from the comic BC discovered high technology. Further along that thought tangent, consider that just as Homo Sapiens has lost their ancestors’ fur and tail, the One S2 has shed its seat and pedals – we’re talking standing room only here! Indeed, the One S2 has shed any and all external appurtenances not directly involved in its primary function as a single-person people mover. As compact as it could possibly be, the One S2 vehicle weighs a mere 25 pounds though it can accommodate riders weighing up to 220 pounds: that’s over eight times its mass!



Fully charged, the all-electric One S2 can carry riders up to 15 miles (depending on payload and terrain) at a maximum speed of up to 12.5 mph. A measured and sustainable power output from the One S2’s lithium-ion batteries inspires confidence amid the sounds of silence.This writer has witnessed a student at a local university carrying a quartet of coffees at speed on a One S2, and it appeared he didn’t spill a drop as he effortlessly cruised through crowds of students who must have wondered what year they were living in. thanks to sustainable power output from its lithium-ion batteries.