Freeze Parking: Russian Cat Escapes Winter’s Grip



An unnamed couple rescuing a similarly nameless cat – how cool is that? Puns aside, the morning strollers knew just what to do, how to do it, and had the forethought to record the arduous process on their phone and then post it to YouTube. What a country! Unseen except for his hands, the man kept the surprisingly calm cat company while his distaff better half fetched several buckets of warm water. One by one, the cat’s paws were freed from the ice’s frigid grip until at last he was free. No doubt shocked and stressed out by the entire experience, the frosty-whiskered feline was content to snuggle into a blanket provided by his resourceful rescuers who then brought him to the local vet for a check-up.



We’ll let Programs and Special Projects, to use their YouTube member name, explain what happened next: “Called a vet; he gave it anti-inflammatory medicine,” explained the rescuer. “The cat is young, 7-9 months (according to the vet). By the evening he started to walk. In three days I posted an announcement in social media and a girl from our town picked him up. He’s been living with her for a week now – everything’s fine – he jumps – he runs.”


If you thought this was a touching tale, you’re not alone – since December 1st when the video of the rescue was posted to YouTube, the original Russian-language video has racked up over 2 million views! Kinda makes you feel warm inside, doesn’t it? (via WENN)