Treehouse Rules: Playa Viva’s Sustainable Suite

Luxury travel accommodations CAN be environmentally-friendly! Case in point: a cylindrical treehouse made with sustainable bamboo in Juluchuca, Mexico.



A cylindrical bamboo suite at the Playa Viva resort in Juluchuca, Mexico wood, er, would change the way you look at luxurious, environmentally friendly accommodation. You read that correctly: luxurious AND environmentally friendly. The two concepts aren’t always mutually exclusive but both complement one another beautifully in this unique tropical treehouse!




The Playa Viva resort is a beachfront vacation complex situated in Juluchuca, a small community located about a 35 minute drive south of Zihuatanejo in southwestern Mexico’s state of Guerrero. The suite itself occupies a footprint of 700 square feet. Its atmosphere of timeless isolation is enhanced by a grove of lush, mature palm trees.