Got Grass? Milk Crates Green Up Living Pavilion


Environmentally friendly technologies like green roofs and green walls are nothing new: the practice has been proven to provide local cooling in summer, which if sufficiently duplicated can help mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect. The proliferating plant colonies growing from the milk crates can also reduce sudden storm water runoff by absorbing and slowing the flow. Finally, Living Pavilion was an effort to raise awareness about urban farms and the vital role they play in providing nutritious, locally-grown produce to urban dwellers in the so-called “concrete jungle”.


“Living Pavilion strove to embody and communicate an ethic of re-use, recycling, and re-purposing,” explained the designers. “By using a common and ubiquitous object – the milk crate – in an uncommon way, we hoped the project would instigate those who experience the project to see new potentials in their everyday world.” Don’t know about you but we’ll drink to that! (via Urban Gardens)