No Kidding: Goat Yoga Is Happening

Hurts so baaaaad! Goat yogurt might be good for your health but Goat Yoga – as practiced at the No Regrets Farm in Oregon – could be even better! goat-yoga-7

The Goat Yoga retreat, located deep in Oregon’s lush and verdant Willamette Valley, offers seekers of nirvana a place to ruminate surrounded by ruminants. The unlikely concept is the brainchild of Lainey Morse, a former professional photographer who stepped back from behind the lens in order to grow a new business based at the No Regrets Farm. Morse owns both the farm and the goats who roam its pastures.



According to Morse, a local yoga instructor asked her if she could hold some classes amid the farm’s peaceful and pastoral surroundings. Morse agreed, and after observing the class decided this was the opportunity she’d been waiting for. “I think it really came along at a time when everyone is tired of hearing about politics and all the bad in the world,” explained Morse. Indeed, you’ll find neither donkeys nor elephants at No Regrets Farm… instead, there’s lots and lots of goats!


The goats (and at least one cat) don’t actually participate in the retreat’s regimen of yoga exercises though they do seem to like people and often loiter within touching distance. Maybe they just enjoy the peaceful vibe… and that vibe is spreading virally. “People are coming from other states to the next Goat Yoga,” enthuses Morse. “I have a huge wait list and the rainy season is about to start in Oregon so everyone might just have to wait until spring because my last 2 classes are booked up.”