Here’s To Hue: Gik’s Shocking Bright Blue Wine


The spectrum of natural, edible food dyes spans the visual spectrum so one may be forgiven for asking… why blue? According to Gik, the cerulean hue “represents movement, innovation and infinity. It’s also a color frequently associated with flow and change.” Keep the wine flowing and that soon makes sense!


Bright blue wine also causes drinkers to pause before imbibing – humans are naturally put off by edibles and drinkables sporting such a shade. For example, could anyone stomach blue bacon? There are also blue-tinted sunglasses that help reduce a dieter’s appetite by making all of the food on the plate look blue. On the other hand, Gik has formulated their blue wine to taste slightly sweeter than the average plonk though they state no sugar is added to their recipe.


If you’re up for the drinking blues, be advised that Gik is retailing their azure alcoholic aperitif for $11 per bottle at it’s rated at 11.5% alcohol content. You can’t buy it at your local (USA) liquor mart yet but residents of Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany can order it online directly from Gik’s website. (images and info via