Here’s To Hue: Gik’s Shocking Bright Blue Wine


A new sapphire blue wine from Spain’s historic Basque region might look like windshield washer fluid but it’s actually made from red and white grapes.  blue_wine_1

Don’t it make my red wine blue? “It”, in this case, being Gik – a Spanish winemaking startup that doesn’t want you to see red when you pour a glass of their product. It’s a bold move – really, blue wine? – considering oenophiles are all about tradition and classic standards.


While respecting the time-honored techniques that are imperative when crafting good wine, Gik has chosen to buck tradition with a brighter, bolder, dare we say BLUER twist on the humble grape’s finest moment.


Gik’s winemakers employ a special blend of red and white grapes from Spain’s northern Basque region, where the firm is based.



Adding small amounts of edible indigo dye and the natural bluish pigment anthocyanin results in a shocking shade of sapphire blue! Shocking at first glance, at least: with your eyes closed, Gik’s blue wine tastes much like any other.