Feline Lickin’ Good: Groom Your Cat With A LICKI Brush




LICKI Brush is easy to use: just place the grip between your teeth, bite down lightly, and let the brush’s business end hang down from your mouth. Then use the brush’s spiky side to lick your cat, simulating classic feline grooming and cleaning. Flip the brush’s “tongue” over to expose a set of shorter, rounder teeth more suited to gentle massing instead of fur-cleaning. Which side will your cat like best? You’ll both have fun finding out!



LICKI Brush isn’t available for retail sale just yet – O’Mara is raising start-up funding through a Kickstarter campaign. We don’t mind reporting on it because at press time the campaign has raised almost 150% of its goal with 20 days still to go in the campaign. “The creation of LICKI was an act of love, as we strived to provide a more fulfilling environment for our own cats,” according to the campaign’s stated philosophy. “When we started seeing the immediate benefits of mutual grooming, we knew we couldn’t keep LICKI to ourselves.” Obviously more than a few folks get what LICKI Brush is all about, and it appears they’ll be getting actual brushes before too long! (images and info via WENN.com)