Feline Lickin’ Good: Groom Your Cat With A LICKI Brush



Now you COULD lick your cat if you really wanted to – there’s no law against it (as far as we know – your mileage may vary depending on your home state or province). You can be sure your moggy will appreciate your bumbling efforts to go gato-a-gato, even though your tongue can’t match its feline counterpart in hair-collecting and massaging ability. Of course, constantly spitting out cat hair of even worse – coughing up hairballs – can be a worrisome side effect (and will undoubtedly impact negatively on your love life).



LICKI Brush addresses all of these annoyances while providing your cat (or cats) with a more realistic grooming experience. The delightfully twisted brainchild of Jason O’Mara, LICKI Brush enables cat owners to establish and maintain a more intimate and bonded relationship with their cat. The brush is made from high-quality, soft and flexible, non-toxic silicone plastic imbued with rounded “teeth” designed to gently and pleasurably massage your cat’s sensitive skin.