Feline Lickin’ Good: Groom Your Cat With A LICKI Brush

The bizarre (and kinda disturbing) LICKI Brush allows pet owners to bond with their cats & kittens the same way other felines do: by licking them. licki-brush-11


Cat got your tongue? Now you can turn the tables, thanks to the creepily innovative LICKI Brush! As the name implies, LICKI Brush is a brush that looks like and acts like a cat’s tongue. The concept goes one critical step further, however, since the brush is engineered to be held not by a human hand but by a human’s teeth and lips!



In a nutshell, the LICKI Brush is bizarre (well, maybe not to experienced cat owners) new pet brush that encourages you to lick your cat like you’ve always wanted to… OK, we’re reaching a bit on that last note but don’t run away, there’s a method to the brush’s perceived madness. Cats lick each other in order to groom themselves and, more importantly, as a form of non-verbal communication. See how a mother cat licks her kittens, calming and cleaning them at the same time? The LICKI Brush takes you from just seeing the cat to BEING the cat!