Safe Cycle: Altor’s Indestructible Bicycle Lock



The average high-security steel U-Lock bicycle lock tips the scales at about 4.5 pounds while the Altor 560G bike lock weighs just 1/3 as much due to titanium exhibiting the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Altor built off titanium’s natural strength by employing it in a patent pending 3-piece joint that is at the heart of the 560G’s design.



During the 560G’s development phase, Altor’s researchers attacked the lock’s solid Grade 5 titanium joints with some of the strongest theft tools on the market – 48-inch bolt cutters, hacksaws, and hammers to name just a few. The 560G withstood these attacks as the design eliminates any and all leverage points on the rivet and widens the connection enough to preclude bolt cutters fitting around the joint. “Most bike locks with folding designs have strong links and are weakest at the joints,” explains Dylan Cato, Co-Founder and CEO. “That is why we designed the 560G with our patent pending 3-piece joint. The material’s properties also deflect any heating and freezing attacks from being effective.”