Safe Cycle: Altor’s Indestructible Bicycle Lock

The titanium Altor 560G bicycle lock combines light weight with heavy-duty strength so environmentally proactive commuters can keep on going green. Altor-bike-lock-5


Truth be told, bicycling in the city ain’t always pretty. Urban cyclists must compete with cars and trucks just to get to where they’re going; then hope against hope their oft-pricey two wheeled machine is still safely locked when it’s time to go home. So, like, “get a bigger (and heavier) lock,” right? Wrong: traveling light is the key to commuting success. A startup firm named Altor feels cyclists’ pain and their all-new 560G bike lock hits bike thieves where it hurts.


The 560G is a lightweight, high-security bike lock made from exceptionally hard Grade 5 titanium. Tough as it is, the lock only weighs 560 grams or 1.23 pounds. While the use of advanced aircraft-quality materials is a strong point in the 560G’s favor, the team at Altor combined the security of materials strength with a surprisingly user-friendly design. When not in use, the lock folds up into a compact shape that conveniently fits into a carry bag or clips onto a belt. When it comes time to lock your bike, the 560G’s innovative lock mechanism makes securing your bike as easy as pushing a button!