Van Wild! Modified Minivan’s A Minimalist Minibus



Mind you, auto customization on a grand scale isn’t easy, even for a professional designer, so Moormann enlisted German transit company Custom Bus to do some of the heavy lifting. The results speak for themselves: what was formerly a plain-jane Volkswagen T6 minivan is now a cushy custom camper complete with kitchenette, concealed storage for clothes, unobtrusive book cabinets, a pair of folding tables and a cozy sofa bed.



So-called “new car smell” in one thing, the rich aroma of aged wood is something else! Moormann installed real Oak planking over the minivan’s floor and ceiling, and the custom cabinetry in the kitchenette sports laminated wood construction featuring silk matte finished surfaces. Cleverly thought-out and creatively controlled lighting gently illuminates the van’s interior, bringing out the inherent warmth of this exceptionally homey – not “homely” – minivan.



In order for Moormann to fit the stylish and functional interior of his dreams into such a small and inflexible space, he was compelled to omit “everything that could possibly be omitted.” Not exactly a bad thing for a professed fan of minimalism but even so, difficult choices had to be made. The end result was an intensely personal space that’s equally amenable to driving by day or relaxing by night. As for operating costs, taking one’s home on the road almost always leads to savings, not to mention leaving a less intrusive carbon footprint. (via Nils Holger Moormann; supplied by