Wet Heat: A Floating Wooden Sauna In Seattle

A floating wooden sauna launched on Seattle’s chilly Lake Union satisfies those who love relaxing in dry heat interspersed with the odd refreshing swim. wa-sauna-5



Meet the “wa_sauna” – a unique floating sauna room conceived and constructed by Seattle-based design studio goCstudio. The name is derived from the studio’s home state combined with a shared love of saunas. Originating in frosty Finland, sauna baths or rooms employ dry heat to relax the body, improve circulation and promote overall good health.




Seattle’s Lake Union boasts sparkling clear waters that tend to retain their seasonal chill well into the summer. The designers figured the ideal complement to a brisk swim in Lake Union would be a warming & revitalizing sauna! The room itself was built over a base of linked 55 gallon flotation barrels, much like the thousands of tried and tested recreational docks found on America’s east and west coasts. Above this base, the room features a light but sturdy aluminum frame and a spacious timber plank deck for sunbathing.