Overstuffed: Snake’s Snack Was Unbearable



Once the staff at The Vet Lounge were made aware of the python having bit off more than it could chew, so to speak, x-rays were taken and the nature of the problem was made clear. This was one case where nature would definitely NOT take its course – the snake was doomed unless its indigestible meal was removed.



“Retrieving a teddy bear from a snake is definitely a first but our veteran surgeon has removed objects from a number of animals,” explained Barba. In the event, there were no other surprises and the surgery was a complete success, although the snake sported 15 stitches as a souvenir.



As for the teddy bear, it emerged from the belly of the beast little the worse for wear. Several thorough washings later and its original color restored, the bear was presented to the owners – boxed and looking as good as new. (images and info via ©WENN, Andy Wells, and Pulse)