Discharged: 6 Re-volting Abandoned Electric Cars


OK, so the Toyota Prius isn’t a pure electric car but it’s decidedly closer to that camp than to its ICE and diesel-engined cousins. Is that any reason for the palpable “Prius Hate” out there? Haters dismiss Prius owners as being overly smug – they’re looking at you, Larry David – and ranking with BMW-drivers on the ad-hoc scale of annoying car-owners.



Actions speak louder than words, however, and judging from the seriously vandalized Prius above it seems mere words weren’t enough for someone out there. What’s left of one of Toyota’s popular (speaking sales-wise) hybrid vehicles was snapped at an IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions) yard in April of 2015.




Forget Big Ben and Parliament, tourists oughta check out the real London, UK by walking its mean streets. You just might find a car… in this case, a rather tattered “G-WIZ” electric car that evidently is worth less than scrap value. Lovely green paint job, we’ll give it that.


“No Dumping,” “Guard dogs patrol these premises”… well Bad Dog! Seriously, how much of a deterrent is your so-called “guard dog” when people dump entire automobiles with impunity?




Back in the day (say, October of 2004), this tilting-bed 1988 Ford Ranger EV conversion was the star of the show at the North Bay Eco-Fest. A decade later, it was re-discovered MUCH the worse for wear at a California pick-a-part junkyard, destined for a date with the car crusher.



More like “Who Killed THIS Electric Car,” amiright? The gloating bumper sticker reminds of a time when we all thought fossil-fueled vehicles were going the way of the dinosaurs. Ironic that someone’s solution to a perceived energy crisis was itself consigned to the junkyard.