Fuzzy Logic: Kim Simonsson’s Moss People



Simonsson sought to imbue his figures with an element of childlike innocence, though as with many such ancient tales – Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm, for instance – there’s a darker side to his themes.




“The moss people are figures from my fairytale world; they are forest children who are frozen in the middle of the story and moss has started to grow on them.” So lifelike are the figures and their poses that one may very well wonder exactly what lies beneath the coat of impenetrable moss… maybe it’s best we (and you) just don’t go there.



Lest one become lost in the reveries of Nordic myths, we’ll stress that Simonsson’s Moss People are (a) not people and (b) not covered in actual moss – regardless of appearances.




The truth is more prosaic: Simonsson sculpts the figures, then covers them with synthetic “moss” made from flocked nylon. Anything else would mean… moss hysteria. (images and info via TL mag and ©WENN.com)