Litteracy: Creative International No-Littering Signs


Here’s a no-littering sign from Indiranagar, southern India, that clearly states what not to do, where not to do it, and the penalty for doing so. Didn’t stop that driver from parking his Ford just a few feet away, though… we’re kidding, really, we love ALL makes of automobiles!

Litteracy: Creative International No-Littering Signs

We gotta admit, it’s fun to make fun of “Engrish” from third-world countries like… Kentucky?? One wonders just what it is the Lexington County Sheriff’s Dept is prohibiting here. Littering? Loitering? Lottery-playing? All of the above? Maybe the ambiguity is intentional, depending on how close the PD is to reaching their monthly revenue quota. Flickr member Ryon Edwards captured this example of crafty creativity in March of 2010.


Do not be tempted by the dark side, young Padawan, as the Force is strong among anti-littering authorities in Sydney, Australia. The sign states trash-tossers face an “on-the-spot fine” for littering, which presumably means the remote controlled lightsaber above the sign swings into action should the offender not have $200 on-hand.