Hobbit Houses: Bringing Hobbit Habitats Home



That’s just for a starter hobbit hole house, mind you. Hobbit fans who like to think big can splurge for Green Magic Homes’ top-of-the-line hobbit habitat: a four-bedroom, 2,000 square foot space fit for a lord, with or without rings. The Middle-earth mansion includes a kitchen, dining room, four bathrooms and a separate lounge. Better budget a lordly £45,000 ($67,000) for this especially “precious” abode!


Last but not least, Green Magic Homes hasn’t tied their habitation concept firmly to the Lord of the Rings bandwagon. The company will gladly customize their floorplans to conform to any domestic vision thanks to the flexibility offered by their modular construction system. Pared down to the basics, these hobbit hole homes are some of the coziest, eco-friendly, low-carbon-footprint houses you can buy, and you won’t have to pawn your gold rings in order to own one! (images and info via Green Magic Homes, supplied by ©WENN)