Hobbit Houses: Bringing Hobbit Habitats Home



While still tiny compared to the average suburban domicile, Green Magic Homes’ prefabricated abodes combine the best features of classic “hobbit holes” with the practical features demanded by real-world lifestyles. The homes’ salient feature is their inherent green-ness: they’re designed to be roofed by soil and turf with only the front facades poking out. Enterprising back-to-the-land types can exploit the layout by setting up a vegetable garden above the living spaces, should the climate be so amenable.


The New Zealand-based company offers their hobbit houses in a range of sizes and layout with the smallest – a single bedroom plan – providing up at 400 square feet of living space. Complementing the large (relatively speaking) master bedroom are an en-suite bathroom and a combination lounge/kitchen/dining room.





Since home-building is not for everyone, Green Magic Homes has striven to make setup as quick and easy as possible. The company states any of their hobbit homes can be assembled by a trio of handy folks in just three days, provided the land has been prepped beforehand. We’ll presume little things like utilities connections have also been arranged at the homeowner’s cost, leaving a mere £10,000 (just under $15,000) invoice for the hobbit hole home itself.