Adaptive Reuse Transforms Dutch Sewage Plant


Annie MG Schmidt House is a non-profit foundation dedicated to furthering the writer’s legacy and making it more accessible to future generations. As such, one of the re-purposed sewage plant silos will house a museum exploring the life and achievements of Annie Schmidt.


The other two silos will eventually house a restaurant Praq, exhibition spaces for artists, a small theater for performing arts and a cozy cinema. A pair of glass-walled staircases will connect the individual silos and facilitate movement between them.


In order to accommodate the planned attractions, the silos are being raised in height from 23 to 38 meters (75.5 to 125 feet), with the topmost stories open and un-roofed. This will provide visitors with a spectacular view of Amsterdam in the distance and Zeeburgereiland in the foreground. There will be much to see as the former industrial wasteland – pun intended – is to be developed into a residential area with 5,500 homes and highrise living spaces with the former sewage plant silos acting as the neighborhood’s cultural centerpiece. (images and info via ArchDaily and ARCAM)