Black Cat Project Lets Overlooked Cats Shine



The Black Cat Project’s mission is to bring out the best in black cats without resorting to unnecessary distractions. With most photos, “you just can’t see the black cats as well, especially when they’re in a dark cage,” so to help make the cats more visually distinct Christopher uses an external flash and edits the negatives by brightening the cats’ faces. She also photographs the cats against a simple gray background, allowing their adorable personalities to shine through. Last but not least, Christopher’s $1,400 Nikon D-800 camera provides raw images far superior to those taken via the best smartphone cameras.




As for the cats themselves, they need no special coaching when the spotlight’s ready to shine. As one can clearly see, they’re just as playful, inquisitive, and amusingly erratic as any other cat – it’s just that we can finally SEE these attributes.

Looking at Christopher’s photos, it’s hard not to fall in love with these fluffy felines and that’s the whole point of the Black Cat Project: reminding us all that a furry friend’s true and special beauty goes far more than fur-deep. (images and info via WENN and TODAY)