Black Cat Project Lets Overlooked Cats Shine

Black cats matter! As Halloween approaches once again, the Black Cat Project is helping adorable, adoptable black cats find forever homes faster.



The Black Cat Project is the brainchild of Casey Christopher, an LA-based photographer and video editor with an admitted soft spot for black cats. “I started volunteering at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter in January (of 2015),” explained the 31-year-old Christopher, “and have been photographing the cats once or twice a week for the shelter website and its social media pages.”




Over the course of her work at the shelter, Christopher noticed black and/or mostly black cats tend to take longer to be adopted compared to cats of other colors. “As of yesterday (October 20th), there were 36 cats available for adoption at the West L.A Animal Shelter and 10 of them were black,” observed Christopher, while at the shelter’s West Valley branch 35 of 71 adoptable cats were black.