Kindest Cuts: Emily Stoneking’s Dissected Knits




Part of Dissected Knits’ appeal is the way Stoneking employs wood framing, backing boards and real stainless steel dissection pins to bring her creations to life, as it were. She also uses quality materials that will stand the test of time. “The frog is hand knit from a silk/wool blend,” explains Stoneking, “and his little innards were needle-felted by hand out of 100% wool. He comes pinned into his black wood 8 x 10 inch frame, but he is not glued down, so you can take him out and cuddle him if you wish.” Indeed, if ever a critter need some cuddling, this is the one!


Frogs may win the popularity contest (both in Stoneking’s artworks and in actual biology class dissections) but her skills extend to other creatures and subjects as well. Take the Easter Bunny above, hand knitted from the softest, fuzziest nylon yarn. Black wool is used to embroider the face with white thread forming the whiskers. The pure wool eggs are hand felted with a needle, one at a time.



You can learn more about Emily Stoneking’s Dissected Knits by visiting Aknitomy online as well as her other shop,, where she’s been selling a vast variety of artistic creations since 2006. Bonus: not only does Emily sell finished artworks, she also shares her knowledge via patterns that are available at The Crafty Hedgehog. (images and info via WENN, Amanda Devine, and Aknitomy)