Pumpkin The Raccoon Has Gone To The Dogs!




A year after Pumpkin fell from her tree-top nest into Rosie Kemp’s life, her prospects have gone from certain doomed to “life is a dream”. Fully aware the natural place for wild animals is in the wild, Pumpkin’s bipedal family has made the best of a difficult situation. “We are very lucky with her and always want and will do what is best for Pumpkin,” explains Laura Young, “but for now she is very happy with us and the dogs!”



What does the future hold for Pumpkin, Rosie Kemp, Laura Young and her husband William? Find out for yourself by following Pumpkin’s regularly updated status on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. North Americans shouldn’t try to emulate the Bahamian family’s experience, however… should you come across an abandoned baby and/or injured raccoon, keep a safe distance from it and contact your local wildlife rescue service. They’ll know how to handle the situation in the best interests of all concerned. (images and info via ©WENN.com and The Dodo)