Pumpkin The Raccoon Has Gone To The Dogs!


Nature vs Nurture? If Pumpkin the Raccoon seems to prefer the latter, well, who can blame her? Rosie Kemp met Pumpkin one typically sunny Bahamas morning when the baby critter fell out of a tree and into her back yard. Kemp watched and waited but when the mother raccoon didn’t rescue her lost offspring, she felt obliged to spring into action.




Scooping up the furry bundle, Kemp noticed the one-month-old baby had broken one of its hind legs and appeared very weak. She was determined to rescue and raise the helpless cub and, being the owner of two rescue dogs, had the right mindset to make it happen.



With the help of her daughter, Laura Young, Rosie Kemp named the cub “Pumpkin” and ensured she was provided with all the necessities of life. The big question was, what would Pumpkin think of her new family – and herself, for that matter – as she grew up in a very un-raccoon-like environment?