Heavy Metal Wrap: Foil Covered Florida House



If tin-foiling one’s house is odd, consider the fact that although Janowski resides at 402 Ashland Ave. he’s not actually the owner! Instead, he’s merely been renting the house since last December when he moved to the USA from Vienna, Austria. Both the home-owner and Tarpon Springs city officials are aware of what Janowski’s done but remain at a loss when it comes to taking action: it would seem Tarpon Springs doesn’t have a “no foiling” bylaw on its books… yet.



As for Janowski himself, rest assured he’s milking the foil frenzy for all it’s worth while assuring home-owners concerned about property values that the situation isn’t permanent: the foil will come off “in about a month.” That’s assuming lightning doesn’t strike 402 Ashland Ave. in the meantime.



Having honed his house-foiling skills on a small scale, Janowski’s hoping to move on to bigger and better things, out-Christo-ing Christo by foiling bridges, office buildings, museums and so forth. Maybe he should approach the Reynolds Wrap people to sponsor him (and donate a few metric a$$tons of aluminum foil).



Worried environmentalist should take a cure form the family of red-bellied woodpeckers who’ve made a rather glitzy home in one of 402 Ashland Ave.’s foil-covered palm trees. The sound you hear ain’t heavy metal thunder, just a bewildered woodpecker making some home improvements. (all images and info ©WENN.com)