Heavy Metal Wrap: Foil Covered Florida House


According to Janowski, the unorthodox décor scheme is actually an art project entitled “402 Ashland Ave”… no stretch there as it’s the home’s actual street address in Tarpon Springs. The point of it all is “to make people think in uncommon ways about common goods.” Easier said than done!




In an interview with ABC News, Janowski explained that “art” isn’t the first thing most passersby think of when, er, passing by 402 Ashland Ave. “It was almost always assumed to have a practical value,” explained the artist, “such as a new form of insulation, pest control, or fire retardant.” Word up, Janowski, you NEVER go foil fire retardant.




“The act of covering the facade of a house (not to mention the windows, garage door, driveway and a palm tree or two) introduced something uncommon and unexpected into the neighborhood environment, and hopefully offered a new perspective on what had been commonplace,” elaborates Janowski.




His neighbors (and the meter-reader guy) will certainly agree with the “uncommon and unexpected” part: according to the Tampa Bay Times, some are upset while others are dumbfounded. “To each his own,” said one neighbor who sounds neither upset nor dumbfounded – we’re guessing he doesn’t live next door.