Heavy Metal Wrap: Foil Covered Florida House

Houses, foiled again! Polish artist Piotr Janowski covered a house with shiny aluminum foil, hoping viewers would “reflect” on how they use household goods.



There’s something shady going on at 402 Ashland Ave. in Tarpon Springs, Florida, just ask assorted mailmen, pizza delivery boys, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the odd tortoise who’ve resorted to sunglasses when visiting the home on sunny days. Indeed, lingering out front isn’t advisable unless one enjoys being baked in an enormous solar furnace. “Tell me about it,” sez the tortoise who wouldn’t mind a foil coat of his own right about now.



The house wasn’t always as silvery as Bender Bending Rodriguez’ shiny metal derrière, mind you. Credit (or blame, depending on your POV) Polish artist and Tarpon Springs resident Piotr Janowski for “foiling” the concept of a visually homogeneous community through the overly generous application of MANY rolls of aluminum foil to the home’s exterior.


What do his neighbors think? Let’s just say most haven’t really taken a shine to Janowski’s Folly… or maybe that should be “Foilly”.