WCS Salutes The Top Ten Wildlife Fashionistas



The Flower Hat Jelly is a species of jellyfish native to warm Pacific Ocean waters off the coast of southern Japan. Here again we have an unfortunately-named creature: it doesn’t matter how late you are to Ascot or Churchill Downs, do NOT plop one of these critters on your head as you rush to a fancy-dress society meet & greet. While not as poisonous as, say, the also attractive Box Jellyfish, the Flower Hat Jelly’s tentacles can still sting and leave those stung with a nasty rash. Even if you’re Nicole Kidman, the Duke and Duchess will SO not be impressed.


The world can boast 17 species of penguins and no matter what the occasion, each and every one simply stuns in a formal tuxedo. Mind you, penguins wear their fancy dress duds like they were born in them, which in actual fact they are. Imagine waking up ready for the opera, or Oprah, or whatever… that leaves a whole lotta prep time free for other stuff like, say, snarfing down some fresh sardines. You look mahvelous, dahling, but have a tic-tac or two.



The cool thing about Cuttlefish is their ability to blend in with or stand out from their surroundings – definitely an advantage at red carpet time! Dennis De Mello snapped the curious and, dare we say, cuddly cuttlefish above as it gave him a good looking-over. How does one say “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up in cuttlefish-ese? (all images ©Julie Larsen Maher/WCS unless otherwise indicated, via WENN)