WCS Salutes The Top Ten Wildlife Fashionistas


New York’s Fashion Week may have all eyes on the runway but WCS’s top ten wildlife fashionistas remind us that natural beauty never goes out of style. WCS-wildlife-fashionista-1

Modern society’s obsessive fascination with celebrities isn’t lost on the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), who reckon if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Thus “just in time for Fashion Week, WCS has released its own list of wildlife fashionistas. We salute these ten finned, feathered, and furry fashion icons of the animal kingdom,” and leading the pack is the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Wouldn’t our gritty cities look splendid if flocks of these fascinator-flaunting fowl replaced the drab gray pigeons who prowl there now?


Snakes alive! The brightly banded and very venomous Coral Snake is an absolute killer on the runway… and anywhere else for that matter. “Snakes on a runway”, now that’s something we’d all like to see. Kudos to photographer Mileniusz Spanowicz for capturing this radiant reptile in all its fang-tastic glory.



It’s said that only Okapi look good in Zubaz but let’s not write off this trademark nineties fashion trend so quickly – the Detroit Tigers haven’t. Not to diss Miggy and his mates but the Okapi wear it better, not to mention having an all-round better season.