“Hawaiian Lions” Roam At Lanai Cat Sanctuary



Inspired by the examples set by successful, sustainable wildlife parks and facilitated by Lānai’s idyllic weather, the Lāna`i Cat Sanctuary embraces the concept of an outdoor, cageless cat community that boasts the added benefit of being economical to operate.

The sanctuary was incorporated as a community service organization in 2007, obtained its non-profit status in 2008, opened a temporary outdoor sanctuary in 2008, and moved to their current location in 2009. The sanctuary currently houses over 350 cats and features segregated accommodations for new arrivals pending medical examinations and cats suffering from FIV.



“We believe native birds and cats can co-exist in harmony through intervention, collaboration and management,” according to the Lāna`i Cat Sanctuary’s mission statement. “From the mountains to the sea, cats found island-wide are brought to live in our sanctuary where they enjoy life as one family, to ensure the perpetuation of the island’s endangered birds.

Our efforts have made a positive difference for cats, birds and our community. Lāna`i serves as a model for stewardship and responsible management that inspires others to consider innovative solutions for helping homeless cats in their communities.”




Tori-Ellen Dileo (above) of PURR and ROAR visited the sanctuary in October of 2014, and you can visit as well! Cat lovers worldwide are invited to visit the sanctuary which is open daily from 11AM through 3PM.Check out the sanctuary’s Facebook page for more info.

Visitors will enjoy unforgettable “pet n’ purr sessions” with formerly feral cats and can chill out with teh kittehs as they run & play “free range” in Lāna`i’s under the warm Hawaiian sun or snooze in baskets suspended in the shade beneath the sanctuary’s abundant leafy trees. Could anything be more purr-fect? (all images and info via WENN.com and PURRandRoar.com)