Crab-Cracking Chinese Cutie Offers A Shell Deal


Love eating crabs but hate the hard work involved? A former stewardess in China is offering in-person, at-table crab cracking and feeding services online! crab5


Everyone loves crab… well, maybe not the hard-working deckhands on TV’s Deadliest Catch but served up steamed and accompanied by a pot of hot butter it’s practically the food of the gods. There is a “catch”, however, and that’s the tough, slippery, messy work of extracting the delicate & delicious meat from its spiky shell. If only one could purchase the services of a skilled crab-cracker who’ll do the nasty and liberate the tasty…


Your wish is her command! A 27-year-old former stewardess fed up with flying the friendly skies decided to take her talents to Hangzhou in East China’s Zhejiang province. The talents in question are those required to quickly, neatly and efficiently extricate succulent steamed crab meat on behalf of paying customers. Indeed this is a job – a dirty job perhaps but someone’s gotta do it.