Skysphere: Solar-Powered Man Cave In The Sky




Since living in a suspended goldfish bowl could be disconcerting, Williams has provided curtains that provide privacy when the 6.5-foot-tall windows offer TOO much of a view. After sunset, The Skysphere’s suite of custom furniture glows with a plethora of embedded, multicolor LED lights. The creature-comforts include a built-in beer dispenser operated by voice commands – what man cave worthy of the name would be without one?



The Skysphere’s futuristic technology also includes a visitor-recognition system to screen out unwelcome riff-raff and visiting in-laws. Once approved by the owner, visitors have their fingerprints recorded and will be personally greeted by name next time they come calling. With all the high-tech gizmos and gadgets on display, it’s odd (and possibly alarming) to learn The Skysphere has no bathroom facilities. “Go before you go” appears to be the watchword.




“I plan to build a small bathroom in the trees near the tower,” explains Williams, though that prospect sounds daunting even without accounting for weather conditions. “I chose to exclude plumbing from V1, but if there is a V2 it may well have plumbing,” admits Williams, who neglects to discuss the available options (if any) in V1. Perhaps a bucket and a rope are involved… we’ll set the matter aside for the time being.



Bathroom or not, people have expressed interest in The Skysphere to the point where Williams has posted a selling price: approximately $50,000 or £31,250. “I had no idea so many people would want one,” explains Williams. “I built the Skysphere for my own hangout without the intention of selling. Who knows, they may be for sale in the future!” (all images and info via