Viral Fashion: The Nets-Men Mosquito Net Suit

nets-men mosquito net suit 6

Another zipper runs from hip to hip along the back of the suit. While BIBI LAB states this zipper facilitates the use of the bathroom when nature calls, one wonders why no conventional fly-type zipper appears in front… well, we can only shrug and say things are done er, differently in Japan!

nets-men mosquito net suit 5


The netting texture is a minuscule one square millimeter and the suit’s loose and relaxed fit ensures mosquitoes cannot easily bite through the material. Even so, BIBI LAB recommends spraying the Nets-Men Mosquito Net Suit with insect repellent before wearing, thereby enhancing its mosquito-busting power.

nets-men mosquito net suit 10


The machine-washable suits are available in three sizes and three colors: pink, blue and ivory from small to large. MSRP is 6,600 yen (tax excluded) per suit, which works out to roughly $55 per suit.

Do we really need to wear such an outfit as we go about our everyday urban and suburban pursuits? “We need to consider more about transmission of disease by mosquitoes including Dengue fever due to global warming,” explains Hayato Kawase. “I know the design seems a little weird, but through this product I hope everyone can notice the danger of mosquito transmission.” Everyone can notice something, that’s a given! (all images and info via WENN and Be-s Co., Ltd.)