Hot Tub in a Hammock: Hydro-Relaxation Goes Portable

Hot tubs sure are a nice way to unwind after a long, physically taxing day, whether you went on a hike or chased children around. Too bad you can’t just make one appear on your deck without the expense and trouble, right? Wrong – at least, if the Hydro Hammock meets its funding goal on Kickstarter. The portable hammock/hot tub hybrid is a single-person tub that can be hung from trees, conventional hammock stands or other supports and taken on trips.

hot tub hammock 2

hot tub hammock 3

You can even dig a hole in the sand at the beach, place the hammock inside and enjoy the water and view, no matter how cold and inhospitable the adjacent sea may be. Choose whether you want the water to be hot or cold; the water heater can draw from a garden hose, stream, lake or other source of water and recirculates it to keep it at a stable temperature. 

hot tub hammock 4

It comes in a durable rolling box with a 12 volt pump, 3-hour rechargeable battery, water treatment strainer and a recirculating on-demand water heater. You can also purchase adjustable straps and carabiners for attaching the hammock to trees and posts. Kickstarter backers will get their rewards by this fall. Check out the whole project here.