Good News! Amazing Upcycled Newsstands

Good News! Amazing Upcycled Newsstands

You probably haven’t heard but an abandoned subway newsstand in Williamsburg’s Lorimer Street / Metropolitan Avenue station has been reborn as The Newsstand. The Brooklyn, NY neighborhood hailed (or decried, depending on your POV) as a thriving center of hipster culture is the ideal location for such an endeavor.

Good News! Amazing Upcycled Newsstands

In addition to buying & selling rare and locally-produced “zines” on consignment, The Newsstand vends vintage vinyl records, chilled Kombucha, McClure’s potato chips, Kings County beef jerky, and an impressive selection of caramel corn.  Images via Flickr member Jack Szwergold.

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Carissa Potter and Luca Antonucci of Colpa Press would just like to state rumors of the death of print media are greatly exaggerated. The pair have established Edicola, a proprietary magazine and local crafts kiosk, in one of San Francisco’s vacant Victorian-styled newsstands.

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According to the duo, Edicola is “set on challenging the current state of publishing and suggesting we are far from the death of print.”

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By partnering with the city’s Central Market Street Revitalization Program, Colpa Press saves greatly on rent and infrastructure costs while putting their products right where buyers are most abundant. Plus, keeping a small but vital linchpin of the neighborhood as a going concern isn’t just good for business, it’s good period.