Mewgaroo Hoodie Puts Pets n Your ‘Hood

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The Mewgaroo Hoodie and its integral kangaroo-style front pouch brings pets and their owners closer than ever before… like, sharing the same clothes close! mewgaroo hoodie 1

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to work, read, update your Facebook status, watch a video or all of the above at once (now that’s recreational multitasking!) when your precious furball reminds you of what’s really important – them!

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What to do when you pet wants to get up close and personal while your hands need to be somewhere else? Mewgaroo… the wearable solution from Unhabitat that keeps pets from becoming pests.

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Mewgaroo combines the best features of a comfy, cozy hoodie with a pouch spacious enough to accommodate most cats and smallish dogs – not at the same time, though, unless they’re used to getting along in close quarters. Inspired by nature in the form of a momma kangaroo’s secure and comforting pouch, Mewgaroo is the snuggliest fashion accessory to come along since, well, the Snuggie.