Cold Comfort: Dubai Firm’s $100,000 Snow Room

Dubai Snow Room 2

Modern interpretation of the classic Scandinavian sauna ritual also ascribes other health and beauty benefits to the practice, including increased fat burning, detoxification, and a reduction in wrinkles and cellulite. Much like northern Finland’s arctic climate, the Snow Room is designed to provide a dry, non-humid micro-environment via a unique snowmaking system that produces “soft and fluffy” snow. Be prepared, however, as the dryness is a function of very low temperatures ranging from -18 to -10 Celsius or -0.4 to +14 Fahrenheit.

Dubai Snow Room 5


Desert Snow recommends that Snow Room owners and users follow a detailed four-step technique in order to derive the most health and beauty benefits. In a nutshell, Step 1 involves walking on different surfaces within the room to jump-start blood circulation – sort of like firewalking, but a LOT colder! Next comes a basic foot and hand massage followed by spending time in a hot sauna (or basically, enjoying an average day outdoors in the UAE). Last but not least: chilling out, as it were, in your Snow Room!

Dubai Snow Room 1


As mentioned, the price of a Snow Room starts at $108,898 (AED400,000) and the company will work with buyers to customize the room in regards to size, shape and amenities. The basic room is, in essence, an insulated glass-walled box.

You may want to try out the Snow Room experience before laying out some cool cash; you can do so at either of the two Snow Rooms at the Ottoman Spa in Jumeirah’s Zabeel Saray or the single room at Le Meridien. One other Snow Room has been installed in a private residence and for that, you’ll need a personal invitation. (images and info via