Cold Comfort: Dubai Firm’s $100,000 Snow Room

Dubai Snow Room 6

Weary of Dubai’s stifling heat? Pining for more fjord-like climes? Dubai firm Desert Snow will install an Areasauna or “snow room” for just $108,898 and up! Dubai Snow Room 3 

Call it an anti-sauna if you like! Desert Snow, “the region’s only specialist in winter solutions”, has begun installing indoor “snow rooms” for commercial and residential customers eager to fork over a cool $108,898 (and up) for the privilege.

Dubai Snow Room 4


Desert Snow’s spokes-persons state the Snow Room concept was inspired by a longstanding Finnish tradition. After being baked by a sauna’s dry heat for as long as they can tolerate it, Finns would then burst out of the sauna’s door and roll around in the fresh-fallen snow. The extreme contrast in temperature is said to promote good circulation and improve strength & stamina.