Airbnb’s Floating House Does London By Thames

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Airbnb’s full-functional Floating House may not have a swimming pool in its real-grass yard but unwanted visitors will have to cross one heck of a moat! Airbnb Floating House wenn22501273

There once was a time when just living within sight (or scent) of the Thames river was a hazard to one’s health. These days, however, London’s historic waterway has cleaned up its act to such an extent that living on the river – literally – makes one an object of envy rather than pity.

Airbnb Floating House wenn22501270

Now don’t get too excited: the City hasn’t yet amended zoning laws to permit such a lifestyle but a unique promotion by Airbnb, the popular rental lodging website, has provided a unique and exclusive exception: the Floating House.

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The Floating House is what it is: a house that just happens to float. Production company Star Events constructed the 8 meter (26 ft) tall, 70 ton building over a four month period and aside from the floating aspect, it’s quite similar to most any other family home.

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In addition to two furnished bedrooms, a spacious living room and even a working bathroom, the structure features a walk-out landscaped yard with a real grass lawn, a doghouse and an apple tree. Obviously, keeping the yard lush and green won’t be an issue.

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You may have seen the Floating House in action during the week of May 15 through 22 when it “sailed” down the placid Thames on its inaugural promotional tour. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of new rules on home sharing that enable London homeowners to earn “a 15 percent pay rise” by sharing their homes through sites like Airbnb.