Treehouse Apartment Building: Sustainable and Totally Amazing

treehouse apartment 1

This treehouse apartment building in Turin, Italy, is so incredible it almost doesn’t seem like it can be real. Apartment buildings generally aren’t all that architecturally creative, let alone eco-friendly in an imaginative and visually striking way. But this five-story building by architect Luciano Pia has not only created a wacky new landmark for the city, it also protects its inhabitants from pollution and noise thanks to 150 real, living trees.

treehouse apartment 2

treehouse apartment 3

The building features stack after stack of curvilinear and geometric architectural forms, all held within a wood and steel framework that also plays host to trees in enormous bronzed pots. The trees in the building absorb nearly 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, providing a buffer against all of the car exhaust and other forms of pollution emanating from the adjacent city streets.

treehouse apartment 4

treehouse apartment 5

Housing 63 apartment units, the building features extensive terraces that offer indoor/outdoor spaces that change year-round as the trees respond to the seasons. The presence of all that foliage helps regulate temperatures throughout the entire structure.

treehouse apartmnt 6

Beyond the environmental benefits, the building is just plain fun to look at, and we’d imagine that it would be a really fun place to live.

Photos by Beppe Giardino