Trippy Tunnel: Mountain Retreat in Norway with Weird Wood Door

The entrance to this beautiful wooden cabin set on a steep cliff in Bergen, Norway, looks like a portal to another dimension. You’re not sure what you might find once you gingerly climb inside, but no matter what your expectations may be, the interior will surprise you. It’s a warm, comfortable and relaxing cabin crafted by a design-build workshop at the School of Architecture.

wood tunnel house 2

Called the “Tubakuba” (Tuba Cube), the mountain retreat is made of various kinds of Norwegian wood and measures about 150 square feet. Each exterior wall is different, with the out-facing wall entirely made of glass so inhabitants can gaze out onto the valley.

wood tunnel house 5

wood tunnel house 4

These walls use different architecture techniques from around the world as a sort of experiment to see how they will change over time, including a maintenance-free traditional technique from Japan. The highly unusual tunnel entrance is made of pine shavings.

wood tunnel house 3

Inside you’ll find a series of rounded built-in furniture made of plywood, including a bench and a lofted bed, as well as a wood stove. The Tubakuba will function as Bergen’s only off-grid hotel room.