Supermarkets & Toy Stores Welcome Ugly Fruit


You might think it’s tough to top a bunch of grapes sporting fourteen lifeless, empty, staring eyes but Takara-Tomy gave it their best shot for Series Two. Sporting identical outfits of white sleeveless tops and blue athletic shorts, this new apocalyptic crop is, if anything, even more zombified than the originals.



The line leads off with Raichi (lychee) and Lemon, who boast a combined three eyes between them. We’re not sure if that green stuff on lemon is mold or not – suffice to say he’s looking less zest-ful than something shoppers might find in their market’s fruit section.



Next up are Momo (peach) and Ringo (apple). “Ringo” is Japanese for apple and that might explain why the Fab Four named their record label “Apple” back in the day. This particular ringo, however, has more in common with the iPhone-maker courtesy of its single bite. The drooping (or is it dripping?) eyeball is a nice touch. Ew.



The second series signs off with Melon and Dorian (durian); the former showing off a significant skull fracture and the latter featuring a single glowering eye. If you thought durians smell bad when ripe – the fruit’s infamous pungency has had it banned from a host of Southeast Asian hotels and airlines – imagine the aroma emanating from a way-past-its-best-before-date zombie durian.

All in all, Fruit Zombies are a cool way to introduce kids to the concept of imperfect produce. If youngsters can accept these overripe oddball fruits now, they stand a better chance of buying their real-life counterparts at the supermarket check-out counter in future. (all images © 2015 Takara-Tomy T-ARTS)