Workplace of the Future Design Features Living Climbing Wall

How would your productivity change if you had access to a living climbing wall, fresh produce plucked right out of on-site gardens and relaxing green spaces at your workplace? Metropolis Magazine’s Workplace of the Future 2.0 design competition produced some incredible entries that envision such spaces, completely redefining what an office is supposed to be.

workplace of the future 2

workplace of the future 3

The winning design, Organic Grid + by Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson, tacks a massive greenhouse-like space onto a typical skyscraper. The entire setup is open-plan, with workers able to move their desks and re-shape their office environments with mobile walls. Sky gardens grow fresh food and offer natural cooling and accosting buffering benefits, while lots of green spaces add ambiance and make employees feel more connected to the world outside.

workplace 5

workplace 6

‘Health-conscious plug-ins,’ which are devices worn by employees to monitor well-being, help aid in sick days and remind them when it’s time to have a snack or do some physical activity. It certainly seems like a beautiful place to work, which could help boost morale. How would you like to spend your days in an environment like this?