Sweet Street: China’s Colorful Candy Road Mosaic

China candy mosaic 7a

The artists utilized an ingenious method to create the mosaic, laying down enormous “grills” that somewhat resembled diamond-pattern chain link fences, only thicker. When laid on flat pavement, the grills formed a vast array of identical open-topped squares – we’ll call them megapixels because, well, that’s essentially what they were – the artists filled with colored candies according to a master plan. Kinda like Paint By Number meets Candyland!

China candy mosaic 8a

China candy mosaic 9a

The format allowed fast completion of the mosaic with one caveat… unlike traditional street and floor mosaics, the colossal candy carpet was designed For Your Eyes Only. One doubts the owners of the ritzy stores lining Hongxing Road were too pleased about restrictions to their walk-in traffic but hopefully the publicity the mosaic generated made up for that. Last but not least, you gotta luv the cute Panda faces in the mosaic (Sichuan is Panda country after all) and the theme perfectly complements the humongous King Kong Panda (which is NOT made of candy) scaling the shopping mall’s facade. Sweet!! (all images via © iFeng News)