Latte Not Green Enough? Fleeceleeve It!

fleeceleeve 02

Every latte only goes down once but thanks to Fleeceleeve, you can wrap your cup in the same reusable, washable, fleecy sleeve each and every time.

paper coffee sleeves 1

paper coffee sleeves 2

Greensleeves (the song) is centuries old; green sleeves on the other hand are pretty much the newest kids on the block. We’re talkin’ coffee cup sleeves here – those stiff paper rings that help insulate your piping hot latte from sensitive fingers yearning to grasp the cup.

fleeceleeve 01

While paper sleeves perform an essential duty with workmanlike efficiency, their raison d’etre fades to black long before your cuppa joe is half-drained. Then what? Well, you can guess what… coffee cup sleeves really have no other uses and as for recycling, even if the user doesn’t trash them it takes power and energy to break ’em down and build ’em back up – into fresh coffee sleeves. There MUST be a better way!

fleeceleeve 05

fleeceleeve 03

And so there is: Fleeceleeve, a colorful and cozy cup cuddler from Japan that, to quote manufacturer Chiya Made, “is not only good for the environment but adds gentleness, warmth and comfort to the inorganic texture of paper cups.” We’ll drink to that!