DIY Natural Holiday Decorations: 10 Cool Projects to Try

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Need a few last-minute ideas to add some cheer to your holiday display at home, or just bring a little bit of nature indoors during the winter season? These 10 fun DIY natural holiday decor projects use easy-to-find (and free!) materials like pine cones, branches, herbs and fruit in creative ways for eco-friendly, biodegradable accents. Also, check out 13 Christmas crafts for kids and adults.


Birch Log Centerpiece

christmas crafts birch log

All you need to create a natural table centerpiece with rustic yet elegant flair is some birch branches, a drill and tea light candles. Birch trees have beautiful papery silver bark, but you could use any branches that you have available. Tie some ribbon around the middles, or leave them as-is. Get the simple instructions at Life Over Easy or watch Martha Stewart demonstrate.


Branch Mobile

christmas crafts branch mobile

This gorgeous branch mobile could be replicated for any time of year using any sort of ‘ornaments’ you like. String the ornaments of your choice, flowers, air plants or anything else you can think of from a lightweight, dry, strong branch. HGTV used carnations and floral string to create this one.


Rosemary Napkin Rings

christmas crafts rosemary napkin rings


Here’s an idea that’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself: tying little sprigs of rosemary around cloth napkins as natural napkin holders that also bring a fresh herbal scent to the table. Get some tips on how to make them just right with floral wire and twine at ReStyle Source.


Traditional Pomanders

christmas crafts pomander balls

Pomanders are a centuries-old tradition with a wonderfully pungent scent thanks to fresh citrus fruits poked with spicy whole cloves. Get creative and create any patterns you can think of; HGTV has details.


Pine Cone Ornaments & Garlands

christmas crafts pine cone garland

Gather some pine cones and enhance them with a little glitz in the form of gold spray paint (or any other color you like), and then string them into a garland with screw eye hooks. The Sweetest Occasion has a tutorial.


Twig Star Tree Topper

natural holiday decor tree topper twig

Sometimes the simplest decorative accents are also the most effective, like this star-shaped tree topper made of twigs. A Joyful Kind of Life adds a string of lights and spray-paints the whole thing gold to help it shine.


Citrus and Cinnamon Ornaments

natural holiday decor citrus ornaments

A nice way to scent your home for the holidays without using artificial candles or sprays is incorporating fragrance right into your decor. Another way to enjoy a citrus-and-spice scent is with these cute DIY ornaments, which use orange slices dried out in the oven on low heat. Learn more at A Natural Suburbia.


Alternative Christmas Tree Made of Branches

natural holiday decor alternative tree

Don’t want to go all out and get a real live tree this year? You can still get a cheerful effect using a few branches and some lights. Free People explains how to make your own DIY alternative christmas tree with natural items like feathers and dried flowers tucked in here and there. 


Nature-Accented Gift Wrap

natural holiday decor gift wrap

Instead of using non-recyclable, expensive printed gift wrap, consider accenting brown kraft paper, newspapers, magazine pages or pretty reusable fabrics with natural accents like pine cones, berries and fir branches. The DIY Network has some ideas.


Moss Stockings

natural holiday decor moss stocking

Feeling a little more adventurous than the rest of these projects call for? Think you can handle something more complex? Try your hand at creating a stocking form out of floral wire and covering it in moss for beautiful, unexpected holiday decor that could also be adapted into any other shape of your choosing. Get instructions at DIY Enthusiasts.