Fat Cute Soldiers: Obesity Invades The Army!

Fat Cute Soldiers 4

While the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force do have upper limits on the BMI’s of their recruits, you know those are going to be raised as societal obesity increases. Someday, so-called “Fat Cute Soldiers” just might be the norm… as in Norm from Cheers.

Fat Cute Soldiers 5

Fat Cute Soldiers 6

Fat Cute Soldiers have been released as a series of eight different figurines, each having some sort of specialty as is SOP with classic little green plastic army men. In this case those specialties include machine gunner, concealed recon, field artillery and grenade tosser. Look closely at some of the figurines, however, and you’ll note some added touches typical of their “make way for the mess hall, not war” mentality.